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Since 2020, Mary Ann’s has revolutionized the traditional French macaron with an authentic Canadian twist. Guided by a unique palate, we fuse familiar flavours inspired by classic desserts, pastries, candy, and sweet treats to create a truly unique macaron experience.



Mary Ann’s Macarons handmakes everything in small batches from our home base in Kamloops, BC. To achieve optimal flavour, our products are sourced as locally as possible using the freshest ingredients, making every macaron memorable.


We want to give our customers unique, flavourful, and delicious macarons. Most of all, we

want to expand people’s palates and prove that macarons don’t always come in your

everyday-basic variety.


Mary Ann’s Macarons connects with people through flavour. We believe life should be exciting and so should your dessert! Our flavours change with the seasons and are designed to please the palate with a surprising sense of nostalgia.

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Meet the Baker

Ashley Funk is just a girl who loves to bake, a hospitality maven and the creative force behind Mary Ann’s Macarons.


Influenced by her Grandma Mary’s delicious cookies and her surprising discovery of a lack of variety in macaron flavours available, she began practising at home every day, pairing these traditional French treasures with nostalgic flavours she grew up eating (and still eats to this day).


The Ingredients

It's simple.
Great ingredients,
make great food.
Quality ingredients are sourced
right here, in Kamloops, BC
with real local flavour.




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